Season 1996/97
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Date Comp. Opponent Gate Home/
F-A Scorers
Aug 7ECpre1 A Vladikavkaz44,799HW3-1McInnes, McCoist, Petric
Aug 10Prem Raith Rovers46,221 HW1-0Steven
Aug 14LC2 Clydebank7,450 AW3-0van Vossen (2), McCoist
Aug 17Prem Dunfermline16,495 AW5-2van Vossen (2), McCoist (3)
Aug 21ECpre2 A Vladikavkaz32,000 AW7-2McCoist (3), van Vossen, Laudrup (2), Miller
Aug 24Prem Dundee Utd48,285 HW1-0Gascoigne
Sep 4LC3 Ayr Utd44,282 HW3-1Albertz, Gascoigne, McInnes
Sep 7Prem Motherwell12,288 AW1-0Gough
Sep 11Champ1 GC Zurich20,030 AL0-3 
Sep 14Prem Hearts47,240 HW3-0Durie, Gascoigne, McCoist
Sep 18LC4 Hibernian45,104 HW4-0Durie, van Vossen (2), Albertz
Sep 21Prem Kilmarnock14,812 AW4-1Gascoigne (2),van Vossen (2)
Sep 25Champ2 Auxerre37,344 HL1-2Gascoigne
Sep 28Prem Celtic50,124 HW2-0Gough, Gascoigne
Oct 12Prem Hibernian12,864 AL1-2Albertz
Oct 16Champ3 Ajax47,000 AL1-4Durrant
Oct 19Prem Aberdeen50,076 HD2-2Gascoigne, Laudrup
Oct 22LCsemi Dunfermline16,791 AW6-1Laudrup (2), McInnes, Andersen (2), Albertz
Oct 26Prem Motherwell48,160 HW5-0Laudrup (2), Gascoigne (3)
Oct 30Champ4 Ajax42,265 HL0-1 
Nov 2Prem Raith Rovers9,705 AD2-2van Vossen, McCoist
Nov 14Prem Celtic50,041 AW1-0Laudrup
Nov 20Champ5 GC Zurich34,192 HW2-1McCoist (2)
Nov 24LCfinal Hearts48,559 HW4-3McCoist (2), Gascoigne (2)
Dec 1Prem Aberdeen21,000 AW3-0Robertson, Laudrup, Miller
Dec 4Champ6 Auxerre20,500 AL1-2Gough
Dec 7Prem Hibernian48,053 HW4-3Ferguson, McCoist (2), Laudrup
Dec 10Prem Dundee Utd12,000 AL0-1 
Dec 14Prem Dunfermline45,878 HW3-1McCoist, Gough, Andersen
Dec 17Prem Kilmarnock39,469 HW4-2Andersen (3), Robertson
Dec 21Prem Hearts15,139 AW4-1Robertson, Laudrup, Albertz, Gascoigne
Dec 26Prem Raith Rovers48,322 HW4-0Gough, Gascoigne, Albertz, McCoist
Jan 2Prem Celtic50,019 HW3-1Albertz, Andersen (2)
Jan 4Prem Hibernian12,557 AW2-1Andersen, Albertz
Jan 12Prem Aberdeen47,509 HW4-0Andersen (2), Albertz, Laudrup
Jan 15Prem Kilmarnock16,432 AD1-1Gascoigne
Jan 18Prem Motherwell13,166 AW3-1Albertz, Laudrup, Gascoigne
Jan 25SC3 St Johnstone44,989 HW2-0Andersen, Rozental
Feb 1Prem Hearts50,024 HD0-0 
Feb 8Prem Dunfermline15,840 AW3-0Durie, Albertz, Laudrup
Feb 15SC4 East Fife41,064 HW3-0Robertson, Steven, McCoist
Feb 23Prem Hibernian47,618 HW3-1Gough, Albertz, Laudrup
Mar 1Prem Aberdeen16,331 AD2-2Laudrup, Moore
Mar 6SCqf Celtic49,519 AL0-2 
Mar 12Prem Dundee Utd49,192 HL0-2 
Mar 16Prem Celtic49,929 AW1-0Laudrup
Mar 22Prem Kilmarnock50,036 HL1-2Durie
Apr 5Prem Dunfermline49,832 HW4-0Albertz, Petric, Laudrup, Hateley
Apr 15Prem Raith Rovers9,745 AW6-0Petric, Durie (2), Robertson , Laudrup , McCoist
May 5Prem Motherwell50,059 HL0-2 
May 7Prem Dundee Utd12,000 AW1-0Laudrup
May 10Prem Hearts13,097 AL1-3McInnes


Pos. Team P W D L F A Pts
1Rangers 362556853380C
2Celtic 362367783275
3Dundee Utd 3617910463360
4Hearts 36141012464352
5Dunfermline 3612915526545
6Aberdeen 36101412455444
7Kilmarnock 3611619416139
8Motherwell 3691116445538
9Hibernian 3691116385538P.O.
10Raith Rovers 366723297325R

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