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  • Trophy Group 1 Thumbnail - Team Group with SPL Trophy. (806x292, 63.3Kb) - Wallpaper available

  • Amoruso with Trophy Thumbnail - Amoruso performs the captain's duty. (342x512, 35.3Kb)

  • Advocaat and Van Lingen 2 Thumbnail - Advocaat and Van Lingen with The SPL Trophy (335x315, 22.0Kb)

  • Colin Hendry with Trophy Thumbnail - Colin Hendry with Trophy (342x512, 34.8Kb)

  • Neil McCann with Trophy Thumbnail - Neil McCann with Trophy (187x329, 17.3Kb)

  • Amoruso and Albertz 1 Thumbnail - Amoruso and Albertz (205x317, 18.1Kb)

  • Group 2 Thumbnail - (from left to right) McCann, Wilson, McInnes, Riccio, Porrini, Klos, Nicholson and Van Bronckhorst await the presentation (507x317, 43.5Kb)

  • Huddle 1 Thumbnail - The post-game huddle with fans in background. (476x475, 59.7Kb) - Wallpaper available

  • Huddle 1 Thumbnail - Another view of the huddle (472x344, 39.0Kb)

  • Albertz Thumbnail - Jorg Albertz at the Ibrox party (176x275, 13.8Kb)

  • Advocaat & Van Lingen Thumbnail - Advocaat and Van Lingen at the Ibrox party (306x275, 22.0Kb)

  • Group Thumbnail - Stefan Klos, Giovanni Van Bronckhorst, Derek McInnes and Colin Hendry (382x312, 26.1Kb)

  • Amoruso Thumbnail - Amoruso and friend (495x404 43.3Kb)

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